Changed silhouettes, heightened emotion, storytelling and exclusivity. These are the essential ingredients providing new impulses in the Modern Business themes and in Modern Classic by CARL GROSS.

Here, the recently introduced body shape Sharp Fit represents a visibly changed silhouette towards a more fashionable and form-fitting cut, and, last but not least, stands for the current zeitgeist. The slimmer body shape has imposed itself alongside Modern Fit and Basic Fit, thus bringing suits and jackets right up to date.

In addition to the fashion upgrade in terms of the silhouette, it is qualities and textures that play a major role. Here, the input from Italian weavers has been extended even further. The factors driving innovation in suits are above all new blends, finishes, fine structures and minimalist patterns. In single jackets, however, it is jerseys, jacquards etc. that create exciting and fashionable looks.